Friday, November 15, 2013

4 principles of the unification of mind and body

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I want to revisit the translation ki-no-kenkyūkai's "4 principles of the unification of mind and body". The current one, though they are the official translation, seems to be oversimplified and may miss key points of these principles

shinshin tō itsu no yon daigensoku
4 principles of the unification of mind and body
4 prinsip penyatuan pikiran dan tubuh

ichi, seika no itten ni kokoro wo shizume tō itsu suru
1, calmly unify the mind with the one point of the lower abdomen
1, dengan tenang satukan pikiran dengan satu titik yang terletak di perut bawah

ni, zenshin no chikara wo kanzen ni nuku
2, totally loosen up the strength throughout the whole body *
2, kendorkan secara keseluruhan tenaga seluruh tubuh

san, karada no subete no bubun no omomi wo, sono saikabu ni oku
3, weight of all parts of the body are to be put at the lowest side of that part
3, berat semua bagian tubuh diletakkan paling bawah bagian tersebut

yon, ki wo dasu
4, let out ki **
4, keluarkan ki

* the word "nuku" (抜く) is usually used to mean "to pull out (in order to release something)". So I use the word "loosen up" in replace of this context

** the word "dasu" (出す) does not literally mean "extend" as the official translation. The dicitionary translation is "to exert" or "to put/pull out". In this context, it could mean "to release" or as I wrote above "to let out"

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