Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are we moving towards a dystopian society?

In stories such as 1984, Big Brother was in the form of an overseeing government over its people. Then we have other stories of dystopian societies such as Fahrenheit 451 and more recently Equilibrium where the people participated and take part of being the Big Brother themselves.

This view is becoming more true. With social media and all, we are actually reporting our activities voluntarily for others to see, not just having others reporting us.

Sharing of personal information has somewhat become a necessity for some communities, real or virtual. Though some would say that what they post is limited, a profile could be derived from your behavior on the Internet, albeit real or perceived.

Usually, in the story, a dystopian society usually comes with a draconian law. In the story it is imposed by the government, however it seems that it is more and more requested by the society itself, knowingly or unknowingly yhe consequences that may befall them in the future state.

One side of the society wants to impose a set of laws, the other side disagrees but they have another set of laws they want to impose. Both sides accuse each other of trying to brainwash society. They both arise from fear. Whoever wins, everybody lose, and a draconian government will be established over a dystopian society.

Whichever side won, they would think they finally have what they want, but they have yet to realize the cost that they have to pay. When you read this, you would probably nod your head and think that it is the other side that will be guilty of the downfall, but you may be no different, you may also be guilty of the downfall but in another form, the form that you agree with.

Whichever side you're on, you will probably end up the same, unless you can think differently, beyond the relative truths that you are so accustomed to.

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